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Extensive knowledge and expertise is at the cornerstone of our practice. We handle divorce and family law cases throughout our wonderful state.  You can rest assured that we will stand by your side, no matter of the specific issue you face. We will safeguard your interests and your future by providing the right solution for your case.

Divorce Lawyers Representing Clients in Jackson County and Throughout Michigan

The Law Offices of Rappleye & Rappleye, P.C. – handles all types of divorce and family law issues. Throughout the past sixty years, we have been fortunate to serve clients near all Jackson County cities as well as Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and beyond. Our expertise includes contested, complicated matrimonial and custody cases, separation agreements, uncontested, spousal support, visitation and domestic violence.



Serving Jackson County and Surrounding Communities

We acknowledge that family law situations are confusing, complicated, and difficult to embrace. Frequently, the results of these circumstances impact you as well as your loved ones for the rest of your lives. You should have the most trusted and experienced lawyer that will fight for your rights!

We aid our clients with compassionate as well as supportive advice when it is required most. In addition to our considerable experience in legal matters, we succeed at prosecuting and also negotiating cases.

No matter what our clients’ goals are, we battle relentlessly to safeguard our clients rights and interests. It is more crucial than ever, during this time, to have a passionate lawyer devoted to family law and divorce issues. Recognizing exactly just what you are suffering is critical to make sure that you have the best opportunity to achieve lawful and financial security.

At Rappleye & Rappleye, P.C. – we recognize the emotional stress that surrounds legal disputes. Our Law Firm, located near all major cities in Jackson County, is committed to ensuring our clients receive the best possible care and results possible. Every client is unique, and requires customized legal guidance including; uncontested/contested, legal separation, property division, including high net worth cases. Even when children are involved, rest assured we will be there for you, to deal with issues such as custody, visitation and child support.

Contact us today and find out why we are Jackson Michigan’s top choice for divorce and family law. We look forward to hearing from you!

William Rappleye Attorney at Law

William Rappleye Attorney at Law

Rappleye & Rappleye, P.C.

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