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Are You looking an Experienced Divorce Firm Specializing in Asset and Debt Division in Michigan?

Let our experienced Michigan based, divorce lawyers help you protect your most valued assets. Our vast knowledge of the state equitable distribution laws, our attorneys are fully prepared to fight for your rights.

We understand that every client has their own unique circumstances, and we will work closely with you to purse the best possible course of action. In Michigan, marital assets and debt are divided equitably, but not necessarily equally. This can become very challenging and complex as the number of assets increases, particularly ones in trusts or investments or retirement accounts.

Both parties typically seek to claim their property that was jointly owned during the marriage.

Generally, the court must make an equitable distribution, after considering the economic circumstances of each party at the time of dissolution. The court will consider many factors including; spouse’s contribution to the marital property; the value of the asset; the parties behavior during the marriage; and the custodial arrangements for the children.

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Why Hire a Property Division Lawyer?

Complications can always happen, even though the court will attempt to split the assets fairly. We can help our clients reach an equitable division assets and debts. The division can be complicated and requires an experienced legal professional to help.

As you can imagine, property division can be complex. You should only use a skilled and experienced attorney who can properly advise you as to your rights to protect those rights in a legal proceeding.

Time is critical, as you must immediately begin the process of asset protection.  From the moment you choose legal representation by our firm, we will immediately put our considerable experience to work on your case.  We will begin with formulating a plan for your unique situation in order to help insure the best possible outcome.

At The Rappleye and Rappleye Law Firm, we have been fighting for our clients for over 60 years handling family law matters. We work with our clients to help them understand their rights with regard to all issues.  We have handled numerous trials before family court judges.  Don’t settle for less, your future is at stake.  Call us today at 1-517-208-0097 to set up a telephone consultation.

Complex High Net Worth Cases

Divorce lawyer, William Rappleye, is well versed in representing individuals with high net worth. From business owners, doctors, athletes, and many other professionals – we can help you with your high net worth divorce case. We recognized these cases often involve complex legal option, and work with our clients to pursue the best possible outcome.

You need an attorney skilled in high net worth cases, who can sort through complex division of property to best represent your interests. We offer our clients comprehensive legal representation as we

Contact our Law Firm today to review the details of your case, so that we can place our experience to work for you today!

It is critical that marital assets, are properly valued from the start. William Rappleye will work with professionals and proper experts to value assets. This includes real estate, investments, business interests and other high-value personal assets.

In high net worth divorce, more often, the standard of living identified during the marriage is a highly contested matter. Our focus is to defend your position and obtain resolution to meet your needs well into the future. Whether if you will be paying or receiving the support, payments must be fair.

At the  Rappleye & Rappleye Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing every client with the commitment, and experience needed to resolve their case – in the best possible outcome. We have more than 60 years of knowledge and experience in Michigan divorce and family law. To learn how we can help you fight for your rights in a complex high net worth divorce, please contact us today!

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