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At Rappleye & Rappleye, P.C. –  we recognize the emotional stress that surrounds legal disputes. Our Law Firm, located near all major cities in Jackson County, is committed to ensuring our clients receive the best possible care and results possible. Every client is unique, and requires customized legal guidance including; uncontested/contested, legal separation, property division, including high net worth cases. Even when children are involved, rest assured we will be there for you, to deal with issues such as custody, visitation and child support.

Michigan is considered a no-fault divorce state. What this means, is that you do not have to prove fault, only that there is no chance of reconciliation. If you are considering this course, or if you have been served with papers – we are here for you. We would welcome the opportunity to offer legal assistance, and start the healing process.

We are prepared to offer our clients knowledgeable representation on a wide range of issues that range from parental separation to domestic violence and orders of protection. We understand the legal requirements, and know how to help you navigate through this very difficult time. There are many aspects of the law that we will help guide you, so that you are prepared negotiate or fight aggressively in court. You can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.

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