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An alternative to divorce is legal separation, and in many cases can be a good option. Many couples choose this option. Separation offers an opportunity to take a break from each other. This is a great solution to use this time to decide whether or not this is the best possible course – or if the marriage is beyond saving. During this time, couples recognize if their marriage is worth working on. Choosing this method allows both parties to partake in all of the benefits of divorce, while still maintaining your marriage.

However, if the decision is made to go through with the parental separation process, then you will be subject to many of the same requirements as divorce, such as child custody, determining property division, visitation rights, and many more considerations. Obviously, this can be a difficult process, and will require an experienced attorney, knowledgeable with the Michigan courts, on your side. We offer guidance through this challenging time related to decisions and negotiations. It is very important, you do not compromise too much, where you are not left with much of a safety net for your future. We can assist you during this process!

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