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In Michigan, there no one-size fits all formula for spousal support (formerly known as alimony). There is no simple rule for determining assistance, in-fact, the Michigan Court of Appeals has made this point clear. Instead, each trial court must carefully weigh the parties’ actual needs and resources, their future prospects, and their abilities to earn. Further, in deciding whether to award such, the court must consider a number of factors. This includes the consideration of all pertinent factors in deciding whether to award, such as the ability of the other spouse to pay. Other considerations include; each spouse’s ability to work, their health and age, how long the marriage lasted, and the needs of each spouse. Even each spouse’s property and assets, their standard of living when married, and general principles of fairness and equity – are considered.

Often the party may receive a lump sum payment, temporary (during the divorce proceedings), or be structured as periodic payments over a period of time. Although these matters are usually associated with divorce, the court may, for example, also order it in connection with a legal separation.

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Orders require the consideration of many factors, including – the length of the marriage, the standard of living during the marriage, whether working would affect any child or children in a negative way, domestic violence, how much the person can pay to keep the standard of living, property division and debts. The court does recognize that after a divorce, either spouse’s circumstances might change, such as the loss of his or her job. In this case, a spouse can ask the court to modify the order.

These matters can become complicated and it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable divorce lawyer on your side.

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Keep in mind, in a divorce proceeding, the court is required to consider two factors: the ability of either party to pay, and the situation of the parties, along with other circumstances.

The main factors the court will consider are as follows:

Whether either party is responsible
The age of the couple and the ability to make payments
Length of marriage, and past conduct of the parties
The needs and present situation of the parties
Amount of property awarded to the parties
Ability of the parties to hold a job
Prior standard of living

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