Children suffer the most when a marriage ends. Their world shatters and most of the time they don’t understand why. When a marriage is falling apart and there are children witnessing the demise of their family unit, they inevitably get wounded. It is crucial for parents seeking a divorce to keep their children in mind. Parents need to help their children thrive and survive the process rather than hide and mask the breakup of their family. The attorneys at our Jackson, Michigan Family Law Firm can help you navigate your divorce productively and minimize the emotional toll of the process.

It is your job to be a good parent and make good decisions for your kids during your divorce

Divorce is never easy for you or your children. Parents need to realize that children will have different types of reactions. That’s why making the right decision and learning how to face the good and the bad ahead of time can help make the transition as smooth as possible. Many factors affect how children are able to cope and it is important that parents keep these factors in mind.

For starters, your children will look to you for signs that the family will survive. They need to see that their parents can adjust. This means that parents should model healthy ways of adjusting to divorce. They can work towards maintaining a sense of family through consistency and structure. Another factor that affects how children are able to cope is the level of conflict between the parents. Do not argue and criticize each other in front of the children. This contributes to major setbacks when children are trying to adjust to the breakup of their family. Although it may be difficult to put your differences aside in front of the children, it is a wise choice and will have a more positive impact on the kids.

Make sure that the information conveyed to your children about the divorce is age appropriate. This is one of the most significant factors that affects how children adjust to divorce. This means never discussing issues such as court matters, finances or child support. The main focus should be that your children know and feel that they are loved and that the divorce is not their fault.

We found the following article interesting and helpful for parents going through a divorce.

Adjustment Factors for Children of Divorce

There are many factors, which affect how children are able to cope with divorce. Some of those factors we can influence through our own actions, others we may have no control over. Researchers have estimated that the period of adjustment for families can range anywhere from one to three years, and sometimes even as long as five, depending on the circumstances surrounding the divorce. Read full article here.


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