Child custody, parenting time, and visitation rights are an important part of the divorce process

Often, the most difficult issues involve minor children. One of the primary goals of every divorce attorney, is to help their clients identify and achieve full custody of their children. Equitable parenting time and visitation rights, is just the beginning. The importance of being involved in a child’s life and upbringing can be the main source of anxiety for any parent, and having a clear plan from the onset is critical.

When deciding child custody cases in Michigan, courts consider the best interest of the child

Situations where parents are able to work cooperatively and schedule placement, often obtain an order that is very flexible. Working together, parents agree to set the schedule themselves with the understanding that each parent will, for example, have approximately the same number of overnights each month. In those situations, parents can plan a new schedule every few months based on each others work schedule. Ultimately, the most important concern of the order, is what is best for the children. Even if equal placement is not possible, in child custody cases, shared placement can be a good option.

There are many factors that are considered by the court, including specific rules in your jurisdiction. Consulting an experienced divorce attorney should be your top priority. Our law firm is knowledgeable in these matters and can help craft a plan unique to your circumstances, contact us today!