No one wants their marriage to end in divorce, but these things happen. They happen to a lot of people. And having a divorce attorney is going to make it a lot easier for you and your spouse to get through this time and on the other side as friends.

Divorce isn’t just about dissolving a marriage; it’s about splitting up assets and even assigning custody of children.

Virtually anything can be up for negotiation depending on the nature of your divorce. A divorce attorney can help you tackle the process and offer premiere legal advice and assistance to make sure you come out of your divorce in the best possible shape.

Below are five reasons to seek out a divorce attorney for your divorce.

Keep Things Calm

Divorce lawyers keep things calm. Divorces, even the nicest, can get messy and will be tense. A divorce lawyer can help keep things from getting heated. While a divorce lawyer is working for a client, they are still a third party that has the ability to see the situation from a higher level and get outside arguments. You need that in divorce negotiations. A divorce attorney can bring a sense of calm and refereeing to a situation.

Limit Your Scope

There’s a lot to think about in a divorce and a lot is up for grabs. You’re debating division of property and assets, child custody, and other factors. A divorce attorney can help you limit your scope to what matters most. If you want custody or have no kids are focused on keeping the house, your attorney can make sure your legal strategy reflects what you most need without getting distracted by any petty debates or squabbles that may come up during the process.

A Mediation Champion

Lawyers are, ultimately, negotiators. They know the law and they know how to make sure you can use the law to your advantage. Negotiation is an art and lawyers practice it from day 1 in law school. While you and your partner may be fueled or blinded by emotions, a lawyer can negotiate from an emotionally neutral place and work to get you the best deal in a divorce where you’re battling for an outcome.

Fears of Violence

If abuse is an aspect of your divorce or you otherwise fear violence, a lawyer can make sure you get the legal protection you need and also serve as a place to turn to if things go sour. If you fear situations will come up where you fear for your safety, get yourself to a safe location and contact your lawyer. Not only can they provide legal protections like restraining orders but they can also help you plead your case of abuse in divorce court.

Suspicion of Lies

If you suspect your partner will lie or be deceitful during divorce negotiations, you need a divorce lawyer. People can be cruel and can be clever, but lawyers know the law and know how to deal with someone twisting the truth or being dishonest. While it may be tough for you to fight alone, a divorce lawyer can make sure you get the law on your side.

Related Questions

When should I hire a divorce attorney?

As soon as possible. When you’re served divorce papers or talking about divorce with your partner, contact a divorce lawyer to make sure you have someone on your side as soon as possible and before you sign anything.

What information should my divorce attorney know?

Don’t hide things from your divorce attorney. Even if you’re embarrassed, disclose debts, money, and property. They can only help you if they have the whole scope of your situation and any hidden info could cost you and your attorney a lot.

Talk to a trusted divorce law firm about getting yourself a divorce attorney as soon as you believe divorce is imminent in your marriage.

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