Divorce is costly. Not only the process of it, but the aftermath as well. When two people part ways, that includes parting their investments. Although equitable division is meant to be fair, it may not always be equal. The divorce attorneys at our Jackson, MI Family Law Firm can help.

Filing for divorce is just the first step. The division of assets, including investments can be daunting.

Due to the complexity and sensitivity of these negotiations, you should always discuss your situation with a knowledgeable divorce attorney. It is critical to understand options that are available to protect your financial future. Unfortunately, studies show that more women than men seem to be more negatively affected, creating a “financial crisis”.
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How Divorce Affects Investments

It is sometimes said that while June is wedding season, January is divorce season. Perhaps it is too much togetherness during the holidays that might be the final straw, but the holiday spirit seems to have lost its magic by the time January rolls around. And whereas divorce has unfortunately become quite commonplace, the challenges that come with it remain difficult to deal with on many levels, particularly from a financial standpoint.

While both men and women are significantly impacted by a divorce, women’s finances seem to be taking an extraordinary hit. In fact, according to the Allianz Life Women, Money and Power study, 64 percent of divorced female respondents said their divorce created a financial crisis for them and nearly an equal amount (59 percent) noted that losing their spouse or significant other due to divorce was a real “wake-up call” for them financially.

While there can certainly be signs that a divorce is imminent, no one wants to make an assumption that it will be the ultimate outcome of their marriage or partnership. However, there are certain tips for married or partnered women to consider to prepare for a possibility of being on their own. Read the Full article here.

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