When you’re going through a divorce, there’s a lot of changes to consider. How does this affect your home, your finances, your kids, your shared friends? But, one thing you might not consider is how it affects your career and your ability to move forward at work.

Divorce and the frustrations that come with it can permeate your life and cause problems in places you didn’t even consider, but there are ways to cope.

Divorce pulls your focus and takes up a huge portion of your life and time while going through it. You’re going to miss work for official meetings, court dates, or mental health days to recoup. You don’t expect it. It’s impossible to prepare for. But you need to find ways to maintain your work life and avoid falling behind, or worse.

Below are some ways to tackle the struggles of divorce as it affects your work life. While you can’t prepare for divorce, you can adapt to the ways it changes your lifestyle.

Take Time

Right off the bat, take time off for yourself at the beginning. Divorce, whether expected or not or initiated by you or not is traumatic. Don’t try to soldier through and don’t think you can compartmentalize it while at work. Take a few days off to consider your situation and prepare for the next steps. It’s better to take a few days to yourself in the beginning rather than soldier through, have any sort of emotional breakdown, and find yourself taking more time off later.

Communicate with Supervisors

While talking about your personal life at work may be frowned upon or uncomfortable, you have the right to let your boss know that you’re going through something difficult outside of work. It may even be beneficial to let colleagues know, as necessary, what is going on or at least that something severe is. If you’re secretive about this, it will only put more anguish on you and make your boss and coworkers more confused as to your sudden lack of focus at work.

Don’t Fear Change

In certain circumstances, a divorce might lead to a career or life change you never saw coming. It also will lead to a variety of smaller changes, guaranteed. But some people find entire life changes come from a divorce and that can include career shifts and new jobs. Don’t be afraid of this. Understand different opportunities and circumstances may come your way as a result of your divorce. Look at it as a good thing.

Related Questions

How Does My Job Affect Alimony?

Alimony is based on one spouse’s need and the other’s means. How much you make versus your spouse will come into play here but be warned: while many career changes happen during divorce, quitting your job to avoid paying alimony or to get a better alimony payment is illegal.

What If I Can’t Support Myself?

Marriage is a partnership of assets. If your spouse makes far more than you, you’re losing a lot of financial stability in a divorce. The good news is alimony or spousal support is designed to help you if you’re suddenly in a state of much more strict funds and no clear way of supporting yourself. This is also how a career change can come into play during or after a divorce.

Divorce permeates much of your life and though you may think of your career as separate from your married life, they’re more intertwined than you think. Prepare for the changes and don’t be afraid when they come.

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