It’s no secret that divorce isn’t fun, it takes a toll mentally, physically, and emotionally. Throw kids into the mix and things can really get messy. So, what can you do to make sure you stay sane during the process and take care of yours and your children’s well-being?

Realize that divorce isn’t just a “one-time” event, it’s a process that will affect the family dynamic, the routine of daily life, and of course self-identity. Because divorce can affect and change so much in your life, allow yourself to have time to grieve and mourn as well as seek advice from an experienced divorce attorney.

Sound advice from an experienced family law attorney can help put things into perspective as you go through the divorce process.

Deal with your feelings in a healthy manner: journal, take time for yourself, find a support group, or seek counseling. Channeling your emotions in a heathy way will eliminate bottling them up which can lead to having outburst at an inappropriate time (i.e. at work, at court while sitting across from your ex, at a parent-teacher conference, or at the Barista at Starbucks…).

Counseling is a fantastic resource that can help you dive deeper into issues and help you navigate the way in your “new” life. Family counseling is a great way to help your kids deal with what is going on as well. It’s a safe space where they can grieve properly and not feel alone. Find a support group whether that means a community of encouraging friends or an organized group for divorced individuals. Being a part of a group will help you not deal with the process of divorce alone and give you advice in how to “pick up the pieces”.

Plan for your future. Educate yourself on your finances; understand what assets, insurance policies, and expenses you may have. You’ve heard knowledge is power and well… it is! The more you understand the more you can plan for your future. Structure your finances and create a budget for your expenses and then stick to it.

Sure, it’s a scary time full of unknowns but it also can be an exciting time where you can focus on your goals. Write down realistic goals related to your career, living situation, and aspects of your children’s future. Creating goals will show you that moving on is possible.

Keep up with life by creating a routine that will now fit with your new normal. Creating and sticking with a routine will help you and your children feel organized and eliminate additional stress.

Take the time you need before you start jumping back into the dating scene. Let yourself process what it would mean to be dating and how it might affect your children. Navigate your emotions and make sure you are comfortable opening yourself up again to a possible relationship.

To survive divorce is to know that there is life after divorce. Your life will go on, it’ll just look and feel different now. You can take a hold of your future, you just have to start by taking a step in the right direction. If you are contemplating divorce or separation Rappleye & Rappleye Family Law can help. With over 6o years’ experience our Family Law Firm can help guide you and work to obtain favorable results, so that you can rebuild your future. Call today!