Understandably, we receive many questions asked by individuals going through or considering divorce. A common question surrounds the division of assets. Typically, marital assets are equitably (not always equally) divided. The judge considers many factors when determining the division of property. These include the amount of the parties debts and the projected future earnings.

Alimony is often an important issue when considering divorce

The big question, “will I have to pay alimony or will I receive alimony?” The requirement for alimony depends on many factors. For example, does one party have a need for alimony? Clearly the judge will request current or projected budgets showing income less expenses. If it is determined that alimony is in-fact justified, the judge will then consider other factors such as whether there is an ability to pay. This is a critical component for the payment of alimony, obviously the other party must be able to pay.

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