There are tons of problems that can chip away at a relationship. Some bigger than others. Whether it’s a complaint, a behavior or an issue, marital problems don’t discriminate and can lead to a split.

Here are a few of the biggest relationship killers that seem to plague many marriages.

My Spouse Takes Me for Granted
It seems that once the deal is sealed and the vows are said, many spouses begin to feel neglected. The “newness” of the relationship and the hype of the wedding seem to slowly sizzle. Over time it may seem that you or your spouse isn’t as interested in your happiness and pleasing you. If you are waiting for it to improve on its own, it probably won’t. Feelings of indifference and being undervalued as a spouse can soon follow.


A characteristic that plagues not only bad marriages but relationships in general.

Being more concerned with the well-being of oneself means that there is not much regard, if any, for the other person in the relationship. Everything from eating, to vacations, to buying things as well as careers seems to revolve around the selfish one. This lack of consideration, hurts and can eventually reach a point of no return.

No Communication

No marriage is perfect but recognizing and dealing with your problems helps. Matters that involve uncertainty or difficulty sometimes go unnoticed because couples don’t want to “rock the boat”. One ignored problem leads to another and soon it snowballs into a mountain of issues. Not talking about your problems can lead to resentment and an eruption of emotions that can be hurtful.

Caring for the Kids
Raising a family has its challenges and when one of you is not on board it only makes it harder for everybody. It takes time and energy to coordinate a family life and if you feel like your spouse isn’t doing their part then feelings of inequity and resentment set in. It takes two to make a family and most spouses feel like it should take two to raise a family.
Ending a marriage is never easy and divorce doesn’t have to be about the end. It can be about a new beginning.

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