Breakups don’t come out of nowhere, this is especially true when it comes to divorce. The breakup of a marriage is a process that comes to a head with a divorce. While many people are blindsided by divorce, there are many signs out there to let you know when the end is near for your marriage.

While knowing the signs of divorce may not save your marriage, it can save you heartache and frustration.

There are things that can tell you where your marriage is headed; some more subtle than others. Every relationship is different, but there are similar patterns and behaviors that can signal something is fatally wrong in a relationship and needs to be rectified soon or at least prepared for if the relationship is about to fall apart.

Below are some signs common to a deteriorating marriage that should be warnings. Every relationship is unique, but these tend to signal something is wrong.

Feelings of Contempt

This isn’t just being annoyed constantly by your partner or feel agitated in their presence (though that is a bad sing in itself). This is true disgust and anger for your partner that shows itself in eye roll, groaning, mocking, and nonverbal forms of harassment you may be making towards your partner. This isn’t normal, and a sign that something is wrong.

Feeling Defensive

Even if an argument isn’t actively brewing, you may feel on edge. If you’re constantly feeling like you need to justify your actions or feelings, preparing for a fight, or feeling like you need to walk on edge shells around your partner, there’s something wrong there. Verbal evidence of this is responding to partner complaints with criticisms.

Attacking People Not Actions

When fights become about each other and not about behaviors or actions, you’ve got a problem. When complaints or criticisms are presented in a way that the person, rather than the behavior, is being discussed, it reveals a contempt for the person and a deeper issue with each other rather than each other’s behaviors or habits.

Related Questions

What Is the Number 1 Cause of Divorce?

A recent study found that the number 1 cause of divorce is “basic incompatibility.” While you may think it’s infidelity or other incidents, it seems to be marriages slowly fall apart over time as people find themselves incompatible or unable to reconcile.

Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer?

All divorces, no matter how amicable, require a lawyer. You need a middle person and someone to help you negotiate division of assets and property. Don’t think of it as a fight, but you do need someone on your side.

Divorces and all break ups are scary, but they don’t have to feel completely unexpected. Know the signs and know what to do. If you are contemplating divorce or separation, the Divorce and Family Law Offices of Rappleye & Rappleye can help.

We recognize the emotional stress that surrounds legal disputes. Our Jackson area Family Law Firm is committed to ensuring our clients receive the best possible care and results possible. We have over 60 years’ experience in divorce and family law issues and we will safeguard your interests and future by providing the right solution for your case. Call us today for a consult!