Divorce is the world’s greatest epidemic, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Close to half of all marriages end in divorce or separation. As we know, many factors contribute, and divorce does not discriminate. Although this number is high, divorce rates are surprisingly decreasing, but not for good reason.

As we have seen a decline in divorce rates, so have we seen a decline in marriages, and if there’s one factor to blame: its technology.

How has technology affected divorce rates?

Divorce has become victim to abuse, ideological differences, unfaithfulness, but there is no doubt that technology is becoming a force that cannot be reckoned with.

Today technology has a significant impact on relationships, which is why it has an even greater affect on divorce.

Technology has negatively impacted divorce both by preventing marriages from happening and possibly destroying the ones that do.

What impact does technology have on divorce?

Technology has impacted divorce in several different ways, each drawing the individual away from their partner.

First, technology is expensive. The latest and greatest gadgets are not easy to come by, but for many they cannot live without it. Thus, the need to have new gadgets can often put couples into financial hardship, which is one of the leading causes of divorce itself.

Second, technology has become an obsession within the last decade. Couples become more obsessed about changing their ‘status’ than actually spending real time with their partner. They lose time and a real connection for every second that’s wasted. Social media also makes it easier to be unfaithful, having no limit as to how ‘friends’ you can have online.

It’s amazing how social media claims to help people make connections, when in actuality they have no social life whatsoever. Not having a social life includes not having one with your partner. Technology has caused couples to focus more on technology than on the actual relationship itself.

Overall technology has crippled our ability to socialize, communicate, and love, thus leading to divorce. People are now less capable of talking and use texting as their go-to form of communication. The fact is that no ‘I love you’ text can ever compare to the real thing.

Can technology play a positive role when co-parenting?

Although technology does have an overall negative impact on divorce, once the divorce is complete, technology can have a positive impact on co-parenting. The key is how individuals use technology.

When co-parenting there is a lot of scheduling, traveling, and hustling around at the last minute so that each parent gets their time with the child. The ease of technology to be able to communicate with someone almost instantly makes co-parenting much easier.

Technology and apps such as Facebook, etc. also make it easier when co parenting as parents can always feel connected to their child’s life through posts, photos, etc.

Technology can be a double-edged sword if used the wrong way; such as for manipulation and dishonesty, but overall technology has been useful for co-parenting and life after divorce.

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