Dealing with an ex-spouse after divorce can be difficult. There can be a lot of negative feelings that allow for frustrating and hurtful exchanges. You may view each other as enemies and sadly, if there are children, they are usually caught in the middle. If you are facing divorce or are dealing with post-divorce difficulties and family law needs, Rappleye and Rappleye Divorce and Family Law, in Jackson, Michigan is here to help.

The end of a marriage and post -divorce is a difficult time.

It is even more difficult when you are dealing with an uncooperative ex. Here are a few tips to help deal with a difficult ex-spouse and bring you to a path of personal peace post-divorce.

Put the children first. Children don’t want to choose one parent over the other, so don’t openly criticize your ex in front of the kids. Never put them in the middle of your issues, your kids want to love both of you without feeling stuck.

Avoid negative intimacy. This is an unhealthy dynamic that happens when you push each other’s buttons. Don’t give your ex the attention they are seeking.

Keep face to face contact at a minimum. When possible, communicate via email, text or voicemail. This keeps it impersonal as well as protects the kids from a negative interaction.

Give what you want to receive. Simply put, treat your ex the way you want to be treated. Establish a level if respect so you can create a more civil relationship and reclaim your own personal power.

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