Divorce is never easy. Hiring a divorce attorney and preparing for the situation is even more difficult. No one wants to breakup or divorce, no matter how hard your relationship gets, you likely never imagined it would end this way.

When it comes time to get yourself a divorce attorney, you need to be prepared for what you need to discuss.

It will be painful and scary but it’s important in order to make the process as painless as possible.

When you get divorced, it’s about more than just your relationship. Being legally joined in the eyes of the government means separating isn’t as easy as signing some papers and moving out. You share property, income, family. You need to be prepared to tackle all these things.

Below are the top 5 things you need to be ready to discuss with your divorce attorney once the process starts.


Your marriage means you share property. What belongs to your spouse also belongs to you unless in the case of engagement rings which have their own rules around them. But under the law, home, furniture, clothing, household items, and much more is considered property that can be divided during a divorce. This is property division.

Child Custody

This can sometimes be a battle as both parents fight for the right to raise their child. In most cases, legal custody of the child will be awarded based on the child’s best interest which could be determined by a multitude of factors including income, legal history, location of home, and other factors. This is something you need to prepare for, especially if you both intend to fight for custody.

Child Support

The spouse who does not have full time custody of the child may be liable to pay child support to the spouse who does. This must be provided regularly until the child reaches the age of emancipation. It’s important to note that it is the child who receives the support, not the parent, despite the parent being the one who is paid. This can be a complex issue that needs to be prepped to handle properly.

Spousal Support

Also known as alimony, spousal support is another widely contested issue when it comes to divorce. Depending on the length of the marriage, the financial situation, the context around the divorce, and other factors, one spouse may be required to pay money to the other for support.


Documents are the most important thing you can bring to a discussion with your divorce attorney. If you intend to contest a decision, then documents are going to help you do that. Talk to your attorney about what you need during the discussions and in court hearings.

Related Questions

What questions should I have for my attorney?

When hiring your divorce attorney make sure to vet them. How many cases have they handled? How many of those cases were able to settle out of court? Do they have any connection to your spouse or your spouse’s attorney?

How much does a divorce cost?

This depends on your state. It can be anywhere from $2,000 to as much as $50,000 in lawyer and court fees. It’s not a cheap venture, so consider the financial burden before embarking on a divorce.

Divorce is not easy, but you can prepare yourself for it by talking to your attorney and preparing your needed documents and questions. An experienced Divorce and Family Law Firm will help you with all aspects of divorce.

The Law Offices of Rappleye & Rappleye specializes in all matters of divorce and family law. Child support, child custody, spousal support and parenting time are all difficult aspects of ending a marriage and require compassion and support. Furthermore, our family law firm will help you protect your most valued assets due to our vast knowledge of the state equitable distribution laws. Call us today for a consultation!