A divorce involves many emotions such as anger, pain, and bitterness. When these emotions crop up they bring with them behaviors which are not pleasant. It is imperative that you do not allow bad behavior to affect the outcome of divorce proceedings.

There are a few negative behaviors that should be avoided while going through your divorce as well as navigating life in general.

The subject of divorce brings up issues of division of property, custody of children, even the loss of former identity. No longer will you and your spouse be partners in a combined entity. Your new identities are as separate people who must learn to co-parent and divide belongings.

You must recognize when these emotions are about to cause bad behaviors to be avoided during a divorce. The following are some examples:

  • No communication with spouse: Not communicating can result in a lengthier divorce process, and you not getting what you want.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff: It can become costly during a divorce to argue over small heirlooms. Keep the larger picture in mind. Is it worth the financial and emotional stress to fight over it?
  • Avoid negative talk around children: Divorce is confusing enough for a child; particularly a young one. Never speak ill about their other parent. Instead seek out a therapist or trusted friend or family member to vent.
  • Make a plan for after the divorce: Ensure you have a plan established for your life post-divorce. Establish a co-parenting plan regarding holidays, vacations, and birthdays. Also, you will need to arrange your finances so you will be able to support yourself (and children) following divorce.
  •  Never try to do it alone: A divorce is complicated. You are going to need an experienced family law attorney to aid you in the interpretation of laws regarding parent rights and assets.

Avoid the Urge to React

Try to avoid reacting to a spouse’s bad behavior during the divorce. This will show you are mature and looking to solve the matter peacefully.

Remember to think of the Children First

Your child/children love both of you. Keep in mind that your bitter fighting is confusing to them. Constant fighting may result in feelings of conflict which could require costly psychological assistance to repair.

Related Questions

What would be considered harassment during divorce?

If an abuser causes emotional harm to the other party continuously, this is considered harassment.

What is the benefit of filing first?

The major benefit is that filers can request a Standing Order from the court.

Keep in mind if you are facing a separation or divorce it is going to be hardest on the children. The better your behavior is during the entire process will have an overall positive effect on everyone involved. You don’t want the divorce to cause any more hurt feelings that it already has.

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