Divorces are rough, but particularly when they come later in life. When older couples divorce, it can cause a great deal of stress and emotional pain, especially from the rumors and judgement of friends and family who have known them for a long time. Many assumptions are made and even accusations, it can be difficult and emotionally taxing for all involved.

Many of the divorce stereotypes both do and don’t apply to divorces in those over 50.

But it’s common, there are a lot of common causes, and concerns and your kids are still a factor. The important thing to remember is to not be scared and to not feel alone.

Below are some facts about older divorces

This is Actually Quite Common

The divorce rate has increased in the past three decades. This is true even for older couples. While those of the Baby Boomer generation were less likely to get divorced prior to the mid-90s, they moved to get divorced at a rate of 10 out of 1,000 couples. Today that rate is 1 in 4 of every divorced couple is over 50. You’re not alone.

Marital Past is Often the Cause

Statistically, those who have been divorced and remarried are more likely to divorce again in life. This is especially true if the marriage was short. Divorces in couples over 50 are 2.5 times higher in those who had previous marriages. Those whose previous marriages were less than 10 years in duration got divorced at a rate that was 10x as likely.

The Seeds of this May Be Very Old

A long marriage does not end on a whim or during a period of unhappiness. It may be simply because you are not who you were when you were younger. We become different people as we age and transition through life. You married one person but your partner may grow to become someone else. Or perhaps you got married for the wrong reasons initially.

No Matter the Age, Kids Will Struggle

While most at this age have adult children, that doesn’t mean they won’t struggle. Adult daughters tend to blame their fathers during a divorce at this stage and newly divorced mothers tend to become dependent on their children more. The dynamics in your relationship with your children may change. It can be painful, but it is normal.

There Are Positive Outcomes

Divorce is often a road to recovery. It’s a way to find happiness and freedom again and that’s true for people over 50 as much as for younger couples. The end of your divorce may bring about happiness you did not expect and a relief from stress.

Related Questions

What are the first signs of divorce?

This is different for everyone. You may feel unhappy, have a lack of positive interactions, look for reasons to avoid your partner, friends urge you out of the relationship. Any number of negative feels could mean divorce is on the table.

What is the #1 cause of divorce?

Reasons are different everywhere, but the most common reason for divorces tends to be money problems and the emotional toll they can bring on a couple.

Talk to your friends and family and talk to a marriage counselor about your feelings and concerns regarding a potential divorce and know you are not alone.

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