Law is a diverse field and virtually every part of life has some form of its own law service and practice. Laws regarding domestic life and family matters exist as well and are no exception. Lawyers specialize in knowing and helping you understand your rights as a spouse, parent, or child. Domestic law is often a touchy and upsetting subject. It can be very delicate but having someone on your side to help you and your family through it can be key.

Family law doesn’t just mean divorce court, though divorce is a huge part of the family law industry and probably the most well-known.

But any domestic matter in the family can ultimately become part of court or legal proceedings depending on the situation. Guardianship, division property, debt, domestic violence, and other situations can all become court cases handled by a family law lawyer.

Below are four examples of family law cases that are common in the United States.

Marriage Dissolution

Divorce is probably one of the most well-known causes for hiring a family law lawyer. Divorce, even the most civil and reciprocal one, is a legal matter. Courts must grant legal separation, annulments, or divorce, even if property or child custody disputes are not in question. But, most often, we hear about the cases of vitriolic divorce cases that turn into protracted legal battles over property, finances, and children.

Domestic Violence

While charging someone with acts of domestic violence most often falls under criminal law, a family law lawyer can help a victim seek protection in situations of domestic violence. A family law court can issue protective orders to keep domestic abusers away from victims and help the victim remove themselves from a situation.

Child Custody and Guardianship

Often a point of contest in divorce cases is who becomes the legal custodian of a child. While both parents will continue to have a relationship with their child, some decision needs to be made about who has custody of the child, who is financing the child’s welfare, and who makes decisions on behalf of the child. One parent may have full custody or parents may share custody. Further, in situations where a child’s biological parents are not around or have passed, the court decides who will take over legal guardianship of a child and be seen as their “parent” in the eyes of the law.

Juvenile Matters

Juvenile matters refer to a plethora of terms underneath the umbrella. Most often, it refers to child abuse, child neglect, or situations where minors are being charged with criminal offenses. In fact, there is an entire juvenile department in the district attorney’s office of most cities.

Related Questions

Can I see a family lawyer about legal name changes?

Yes. Family court can handle legal name changes of both children and adults.

What questions should I ask when hiring a family lawyer?

Ask about their experiences and past cases. Ask them what specific areas of family law they’ve specialized in and have the most experience in. Ask about fees and if they’ll be working with any third-party actors for your case.

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